In the near future, your memories are uploaded instantly to the cloud. Sam Hatch (Nate Loftin) makes a living hacking into those memories, for a price. When Sam meets with a mysterious new client, Max (Jennifer French) he agrees to hack into her own blocked memories. But as he begins digging into her past, things go horribly wrong, forcing Sam to run for his life!

”  D o n ‘ t    l e t    t h e m    s t e a l    y o u r    m e m o r i e s . “


Starring Nate Loftin and Jennifer French

Written and Directed by Tyler Hickman & Brennan Scott

Cinematography  by Darren Hummel

Music by Pierre Vaucher

Produced by Scott Burton


DIRECTOR’S NOTES : “We made this specifically for the contest Project Greenlight. Now that it’s all over, we’re extremely happy with the final film. All of our passion, our dedication, our love and our ambition were put into every single frame of this film. Co-directing together for the first time felt like a natural progression, a solid step forward. We’ve worked together for so many years now, doing different things, this seemed to be the perfect opportunity to come together to tell this story.

For close to ten years now, we’ve been making all sorts of films. Shorts for contests (like this), to a feature, to web-series and everything in between. There isn’t a whole lot we haven’t tackled or attempted to bring to the screen, but they all pale in comparison to Vessel, in our opinion.

We just hope that everyone who sees this can see that this was made from a place of love and respect for the art form, and that both of us really feel that we put more of ourselves into this film than any other before.”  –Tyler Hickman

“Now that Vessel has been unveiled, the feedback from you guys has been outstanding! Tyler and I both thank you for your support. When the idea of doing a short for Project Greenlight, Tyler called me and wanted to do something for the contest. We needed an idea. After throwing around a few ideas, I remembered a feature film treatment that Tyler had pitched to me. I figured, why not make a pivotal scene from that idea?! And here we are!

Tyler and I worked several drafts of the screenplay, back and forth until we had it just right. We knew what we had access to and that we wanted to be as ambitious with this project as possible. We wanted to make a big film with no money. What emerged is a product I’m elated to call OUR film.

Tyler and I have worked for together for years. We’ve written feature and short scripts together, but never fully directed together. The experience has not wavered after all these years. We worked together the same as we always have. We know each others strengths and play to those strengths for the good of the film and our crew. I hope we get the opportunity to do it again on an even larger scale!” – Brennan Scott 

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