Uncharted: Drake’s Odyssey

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Directors Interview with All Things Uncharted:


Nathan Drake (Nate Loftin) is once again called back into action after meeting up with Elena Fisher (Ashley Castro). His quest forces him to face new villains (Calvin Brown, David Reid), takes him to exotic new places, and forces Drake into a brand new adventure!

” G r e a t n e s s   f r o m   s m a l l   b e g i n n i n g s . . .  “

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Starring Nate Loftin, Ashley Castro, Calvin Brown and David Reid

Written by Tyler Hickman & Brennan Scott

Directed by Tyler Hickman & Brennan Scott

Cinematography by Brennan Scott

Music by Greg Edmonson

Produced by Brennan Scott & Tyler Hickman

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Behind The Scenes & Promo Pics

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