Uncharted: Drake’s Legacy

Nathan Drake (Nate Loftin) is on the hunt for the Jade Elephant of Confucius, on the trail of where the Nazi’s dumped the relic after WW2 ended. Looking for the elephant, he works with Elena (Ashley Castro) as the two try to stay one step ahead of The Black Sun, a secret Aryan organization after the elephant for a sinister purpose!

” G r e a t n e s s   f r o m   s m a l l   b e g i n n i n g s . . .  “


Starring Nate Loftin and Ashley Castro

Written by Tyler Hickman and Brennan Scott

Directed by Tyler Hickman

Cinematography by Brennan Scott

Music by Greg Edmonson

Produced by Nate Loftin, Brennan Scott and Tyler Hickman

DIRECTOR’S NOTES : “This whole project was born out of a love of a videogame series, Uncharted. In the games, explorer Nathan Drake goes on modern-day Indiana Jones style adventures. Being a lifelong fan of the Indy films, I was immediately drawn to Uncharted. After playing through the games, getting a firm handle on what made them so popular, we decided that we should try to tackle a live-action version of the game. Our decision early on was that if we were going to do this, we’d do it right or not at all. To do that, we’d need money.

This film was the first experience I’ve had with crowd funding. While we fell short of our total goal, we still got enough to produce the film you see here. A lot was cut out of the script, due to the budget restrictions. However, we were still able to get some pretty staggering locations. Filmed in the Pisgah National Forest and wooded areas in Wilmington, NC, production on this film took a long time. The first day we shot, we got all of the dialogue scenes. For almost all of the action sequences, we had to go to Wilmington. Once there, we had much more lax restrictions when it came to filming with weaponry. We had a contact in the area that had surplus weapons and military garb, so we asked if he wanted to help. He jumped at the chance, and really added a lot of production value to the project. Without the contacts we’d had, there was no way we could’ve done this with the final budget we ended up with.

Using After Effects for all of the guns, bullet hits, blood hits, and more, I really pushed myself to get the most out of the program that I wasn’t too familiar with at the start of the editing process. By the end, I could do these kinds of effects in my sleep. We had the opportunity to use real blank-firing weapons, but decided that we didn’t want to spend what little budget we had on all those blank rounds for the guns. Not to mention the backlash we would’ve gotten from just about everyone nearby. This is one of the films we’ve done that I am really happy with, and only have a few gripes about. This one was a labor of love, and we’re thrilled so many people love it as much as we do.” –Tyler Hickman