The Good Soldier

An undercover FBI Agent (Nate Loftin) is sent in with a bank robbing team to root out an elusive sniper (Scott Burton) by placing $60,000,000 in bearer bonds inside the target bank. While the robbers start to load up, the undercover agent tries to complete his objectives, leading to action-pack twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

” D o   w h a t e v e r   i t   t a k e s   t o   g e t   t h e   j o b   d o n e . “


Starring Nate Loftin and Scott Burton

Written by Tyler Hickman and Nate Loftin

Directed by Tyler Hickman

Cinematography by Brennan Scott

Music by Brennan Scott

Produced by Scott Burton

DIRECTOR’S NOTES : “After making Ruiner, my team and I decided that we wanted to deliver on the promise from our last short film: high stakes, hard-hitting scenes and solid action. I talked to Nate about what scenes I wanted to see, and asked his opinion about the concepts I was thinking about. With his interest in the same genre as this, he became a co-writer on this one to great effect. We were able to get a script into shape in just under three weeks, and the biggest issue we had with the whole concept was getting our bank to rob.

After a lot of searching around for potential spots, we came across the Millennium Center in downtown Winston Salem. With a small fee paid, we had the place to ourselves for just one night. We made sure we got our money’s worth, and shot as much as we possibly could. From sundown until right before sunrise, we filmed throughout the cold night. It was a bit disorienting filming in there, since we didn’t really know the layout until we got in there. We mapped out the sequences as best we could without sacrificing too much time, and we barely fit all the shots in.

We cut to a different building entirely when the robbers run down the staircase. It was the building across the street, the same one you see the sniper in. The basement was free, and much bigger than the Millennium Center. Also, it was the second night of shooting, and we no longer had access to the Center. So much of that second night was a real struggle. I remember, towards the end of the night, I lost my voice. I was giving direction in a Clint Eastwood voice that no one could take seriously. Luckily, I work with real pros, and we were able to push forward. ” –Tyler Hickman



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