Slipping Away


Gabe (Phil Bruenn) shuts himself off from work, friends, and family to write in his journal. Locked inside his apartment, he seems compelled to finish his writing. But, what is he writing…and why?

”  O n e   c a n   f i n d   s o l a c e   i n   s i l e n c e . . .  “

Slipping Away Poster

Starring Phil Bruenn and Holly Nevenner

Written and Directed by Tyler Hickman

Cinematography by Jarrett Bumgarner

Music by Ian Michael Gullett

Produced by Tyler Hickman

DIRECTOR’S NOTES : “This was my first short film, and I came to it with incredible enthusiasm and ambition. Soon after writing it and putting all the pieces together (cast, crew, locations, etc.), I realized that what I wanted to do and what I could physically do within the time and budget were two very different things.

While it was easy to secure the main pieces, a few problems seem to stick with this production. We had to postpone shooting it the first time due to an actor schedule issue, then we couldn’t secure the rights to music I originally wanted, and the final edit of the film left the audio slightly out of time. All things considered, could’ve been a lot worse!

We were lucky enough to get this film into a couple local film festivals around Wilmington, NC shortly after making it. We even won “Outstanding Student Film” at the Scene First Film Festival back in 2007. For my first short film, I felt like people could really take me seriously after winning the award.

Ever since this film, I’ve tried to build upon the things I put into it. My new films focus more on dialogue and interaction than this film, while Slipping Away revels in its silence and darkness. The cut-off feeling was definitely something we wanted from the start, and I think that was accomplished beautifully. ” –Tyler Hickman



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