L.O.E. (Coming Soon)


In the near future, Troy and Ivy (Nate Loftin and Alethea Delmage) make a living stealing bank credits cases using high tech toys and sophisticated training. While Troy hunts inside a seemingly benign warehouse, Ivy works as his off-site support. When the case Troy seeks turns up missing, and a group of security troops shows up instead, it’s up to Ivy to help Troy get out of this set-up alive!

” R e l y   o n   t h e   o n e   w h o   w o u l d   d i e   f o r   y o u   t o   g e t   o u t   a l i v e . ”


Starring Nate Loftin and Alethea Delmage

Written and Directed by Tyler Hickman

Cinematography and Music by Brennan Scott

Produced by Tyler Hickman, Brennan Scott and Nate Loftin

DIRECTOR’S NOTES : “This film is currently in the post-production stage. More updates to follow.” –Tyler Hickman