Marcus (Joey Wright) is just finishing up a day of work, when the elevator he’s riding suddenly stops. But he’s not alone. Kennedy (Nate Loftin) is trapped with him. What Marcus doesn’t know is Kennedy is a psychopath with murderous intent!

” W i t h   a   g u n   t o   y o u r   h e a d  ,   y o u   a g r e e   t o   a l m o s t   a n y t h i n g  . “


Starring Nate Loftin and Joey Wright

Written and Directed by Tyler Hickman

Cinematography and Music by Brennan Scott

Original Concept by Brennan Scott

Produced by Tyler Hickman and Brennan Scott

DIRECTOR’S NOTES : “When we first started to brainstorm on the next project we wanted to do, Brennan threw an idea out: What if you were stuck in an elevator with a serial killer? Very dark but the idea was great nonetheless. He and I threw ideas out for probably 20 minutes, figuring out the what’s and why’s of the story, and twisting it so the killer wanted to BE killed. Made it more interesting for us, anyway.

So I sat down to my computer, with this compendium of ideas and thoughts (some written, some just in my head), and just began to write. I had mapped out a beginning, middle, and end, but I just needed to connect those dots with some tension, heartache, and good characters. Writing stories like this for me has always been fun and challenging, and writing Complication was no different. A headache and a joy at the same time, this was one interesting script to say the least.

When I started writing the characters, I wanted to give them some kind of off beat names, not like “John” or “Tom”. So the first thing I did was look through my CD collection at the credits for the music. First one I came across that I liked was “Kennedy”, so Nate’s character had his name. Second name I came across that sounded good to me was “Marcus”, and Joey’s character was born. And Jessica’s character name? Well, I just liked the name “Jenn”.

We shot the whole thing in 2 nights, one at Cape Fear Community College, and the other at JT Jones’ house. For the bullet through the pillow effect we shot at JT’s place, we bought some white feathers used for arts and crafts, cut them up, and put them into a funnel we attached to a brand new insecticide sprayer with a pump attached. Instant air cannon. We put the funnel just below frame, had JT on a 300 watt light with some CTO on it, and counted down to 3. JT hit the light, the button on the sprayer was pressed, and Nate reacted like he pulled the trigger on the gun. Viola. Muzzle flash lighting effect, feathers from the pillow rained down, and Nate looked like a murderer. Low budget movie magic at its finest. ” –Tyler Hickman


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