Fresh off of a break up with the love of his life, Sarah (Carol Anne Watts), Brian (Nate Loftin) has no time to react before a series of strange events in his neighborhood leave him smack in the middle of a viral outbreak.

” H o w   f a r   w o u l d   y o u   g o   t o   s t o p   y o u r   w o r l d   f r o m   f a l l i n g   a p a r t  ?  “


Starring Nate Loftin and Carol Anne Watts

Written by Chad Johnson

Directed by Tyler Hickman

Cinematography by Brennan Scott

Music by Brennan Scott

Produced by Chad Johnson and Jason Jones

DIRECTOR’S NOTES : “This film came about when the writer and producer Chad Johnson reached out to me online. He told me that he’d seen all my previous films, and thought that I would be the ideal candidate to bring his vision to life. After reading his script, I realized that what he wanted to see and what I could bring to the screen were aligned. With a few quick meetings with my usual team, we came back to Chad and agreed that we would help him bring this to life.

Our first priority was working with Chad to clean up the script a bit, to something a little smoother that we would all be happy with. Brennan and I made some suggestions, and Chad took them and worked them back into the script to make it even better. With the script in place, we went on to location scouting. The first couple places we wanted to shoot fell through, and we had to settle on shooting at our cinematographers apartment for most of the film. For one scene, one actress had to spew blood out of her mouth. She did it wonderfully, and we used the take for the film. Problem was, the blood stained the deck at the apartment, and the stain is still there.

When it came time to shoot the sequence in which Brian finds Kelly chewing on her latest victim, we had to wait a few weeks before we could lock down that location. In between waiting, I was editing the film. When Chad saw the cut for the first time, he was astounded at what he saw. But the rest of us couldn’t wait to finish the film proper. Once we were able to get back to shooting, not much had changed as far as our on-set chemistry. Everything went very well on that shoot.

Fun fact: The warehouse that Brian drives to is the same exact place we shot The Big Come Down years earlier. ” –Tyler Hickman