Ahab (Prequel to “Damocles”)


The prequel short film to the feature length “Damocles”, Ahab follows the titular character played by Nate Loftin as he fights his way through a Serbian outpost to recover stolen nuclear plans!





“All my means are sane, my motive and my object mad.”
― Herman Melville, Moby Dick


Starring Nate Loftin & Ryan Davenport

Written by Tyler Hickman

Directed by Tyler Hickman 

Cinematography by Sam Scott

Music by John Ganey

Produced by Tyler Hickman

DIRECTOR’S NOTES : “Ahab is a new sort of animal for me. I wanted a way to showcase that my team and I can create exciting and action-focused content without a huge budget or a lot of time. We made this short film for around $300 total and in 2 nights of shooting.

This was made solely to set up the events of the feature-length script I wrote titled “Damocles”, about an international group of ex-military personnel charged with one goal: wipe out all nuclear devices across the world, no matter the cost. It’s already registered with the WGA, copyrighted, and ready for full development.

Working with limited resources and an incredibly dedicated cast and crew was the only way we could have pulled this off. While we had our set of challenges like any film set, I believe that we overcame them and it shows in the finished product. In the future, I would like to make more films in this vein, and the hope is that this short can give us the opportunity to bring “Damocles” to life. ” –Tyler Hickmanahab1


Behind The Scenes & Promo Pics

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