4th Paradox

A sci-fi mystery that unravels slowly, 4th Paradox follows the story of Detective John Ridley (Nate Loftin) as he pieces together the fragmented pieces of his life. With no memory, a burning corpse, and a trail of breadcrumbs to follow, Ridley must uncover his past.

“Do you perceive your reality, or do you shape it?”


Starring Nate Loftin

Written by Tyler Hickman & Brennan Scott

Directed by Tyler Hickman & Brennan Scott

Cinematography by Torin Bradshaw

Music by Sai Sriram Maddury

Produced by Scott Burton

DIRECTOR’S NOTES : “4th Paradox has a long and complicated history. Brennan and I had an idea in which a character meets multiple copies of himself and must unravel the mystery as to why they are all thrown together at once. It was a dark and budgetary restrictive concept that neither of us was really in love with.

Once Brennan started working with the script more in the vein of something we could do internally without needing to go out and secure funding, he brought in something new and exciting that both of us could really get behind.

Our crew was made up of primarily people we know and had worked with before with the exception of our cinematographer, Torin Bradshaw. After seeing his work, Brennan and I decided he would be perfect to shoot this, and our producer Scott agreed.

Working within the constraints of a small city like Winston-Salem forced us to get creative with the locations, shot choices, and even plot points. As we didn’t really have any budget to do this, we had to wait for streets to clear on their own to shoot the empty city.

By far, I’d say this is one of our best films we’ve done so far, and one that I hope resonates with people in a way that has them asking questions.” –Tyler Hickman



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