A Country Road

George (Daniel Cooksley), a detective, is on a family vacation, trying to patch up a strained marriage with his wife, Danielle (Kimberly Johnson Wickerham). Their two daughters are kept in the dark about their parents’ issues, focusing instead on the quiet cabin at the end of their road trip. When George gets news that a piece of his past may come back to haunt him, he’ll have to do everything he can to protect his family.

”  F  a  m  i  l  y      i  s      a  l  l      t  h  a  t      m  a  t  t  e  r  s  .  “



Starring Daniel Cooksley and Kim Wickerham

Written by Garrett Kim & Keifer Albin

Cinematography by Andrew Dole

Editing by Caitlin Fleming

Music by Campbell Flood

Produced by Noelle Aleman and Aidan Crowley

Directed by Tyler Hickman

DIRECTOR’S NOTES : “A Country Road was a film that I was brought onto late in the planning stages. As a director who enjoys new and exciting material, I welcomed the project with open arms. After reading the script, I felt that this was a story that I could connect to on a personal level. At its core, it is a family story. We worked tirelessly on the script to deliver the film we have today, and we are all very proud of what we’ve accomplished.

Working with so many talented and driven individuals on this film was an inspiration. We had over 50 people in different departments helping to make this project a reality, and it shows in the finished product.

A fun fact: we shot multiple endings for this film, which was a first for me. What you don’t get to see is a special effect of a bullet hit to the chest of one of the characters. It was a frigid night, and we only had 3 tries to get it right. Of course, as luck would have it, it worked perfectly on the last try. While the effect is cut out of the final film, everyone on set was thrilled with how the effect turned out.

While the film does venture into dark territory, we hope that the heart at the center of this film shines through. I certainly think that it does.” –Tyler Hickman



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